Company history has begun in 1998. Our goal was to help organizations that have undergone privatization, in adapting and accelerating of the development in  the new market conditions. Efforts of consultants were directed to implement complex projects, large-scale restructuring of enterprises, investment projects and business plans.


Founder initiated the creation of an Internet portal for managers, that provided new opportunities for company executives and additional benefits in open access to quality matched modern management methodologies.


The team has been constantly working on the development of the methodology involved in the search for global innovation in management, the formation of strategic ideas and business strategies.


By early 2009, a unique methodology and expertise had been formed to develop a strategy, the success of which is confirmed by high ratings and positive reviews of customers and partners.


The next stage of the company was focusing intently on introducing innovative policy ideas, new strategies and maximization of results of our customers.


Many dictated by missions complex problems, issues and challenges that we carry with inspiration, solve and overcome in partnership with clients and systematically turn into opportunities and results for their companies and for the countries in general.